What is GRID-TLSE ?

This web site aims to provide tools and software for sparse matrices.

It will allow the comparative analysis of a number of direct solvers (free or commercially distributed) on user-submitted
problems, as well as on matrices from collections available on the site.
The site will provide user assistance in choosing the right solver for its problems and appropriate values for the control
parameters of the selected solver. The computations are carried over a computational grid.

It also includes a bibliography on sparse matrices and access to collections of sparse matrices.

You will be able to :
  • perform experiments on your own sparse matrix.
  • quickly evaluate sparse direct solvers and obtain statistics on solving sparse linear systems.
  • use the site as a platform for cooperative work on sparse matrices (features are available
    for creating a private work group).
  • consult the database of bibliography references on sparse linear algebra.
  • consult the database of collections of sparse matrices.

News & events

Last news from the Grid-TLSE network

Under Validation
2007-03-09 @ 04:25:07 PM

The project is currently under validation process...

2007-03-09 @ 04:24:31 PM

The manager of bibliography references
will soon be available

Matrix upload
2007-03-09 @ 03:46:07 PM

The matrix upload tool is under testing

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